Is AVG Protected VPN Any Good?

Is AVG Secure VPN any good? The AVG protected VPN presents excellent protection total av reviews and speed, although there are some issues that make that unsuitable for streaming video. It also provides a questionable online privacy policy. Fortunately, it gives you a money-back guarantee and trial offer, so you can check out its features and see whether it’s worth the cost. The AVG VPN as well provides a devoted community webpage where other users and VPN authorities answer virtually any questions you may have. However , AVG’s technical support choices are limited and the support team is merely available to compensating customers by simply e-mail and phone.

One of the primary concerns with AVG Protect VPN is certainly its capacity to sell the browsing data. It has been belittled for employing this power to monitor and spy on its users. But , in spite of the security features, the parent or guardian company of any VPN service can sell this information. Within a Wired document, a former AVG executive explained how the organization uses this kind of power and whether it’s ethical to sell your data.

Despite their limited collection of features, AVG Secure VPN offers a totally free trial for all supported systems. While the VPN costs regarding $15 every month, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and there are not any advertisements on the website. This kind of VPN is additionally very cheap, therefore it is a good means to fix casual users. Unlike various other VPNs, AVG Secure VPN is cheap. It’s just downfall can be its not enough advanced features and lack of support for mainstream platforms.

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